Cannabis rules now with AG’s office; vendors respond to seed to sale system RFP


The draft rules and regulations for recreational marijuana are now with the Attorney General’s Office.

Cannabis Control Board Chairperson Vanessa Williams informed members of the board during its meeting Monday that the rules and regs were already submitted to the governor’s office and Adelup then submitted it to the Office of the Attorney General for review and compliance with the administrative adjudication law.

Williams said the AG’s office did have some suggestions, but they dealt mostly with the readability of the draft

“I want to say most of the suggestions that were conveyed to me were not substantive in terms of, you know, a red flag saying, okay, you cannot do this. Most of them were that the language should be consistent, like examples and definitions where we refer to cultivators and elsewhere where we’re talking about growers,” she said.

Williams said she had a meeting with the AG’s office on Monday before the CCB board meeting and she took note of the revisions that the AG wanted for forwarding to the concerned agencies.

Once the revisions are completed and submitted to the AG, Williams said the draft rules and regs can finally be turned over to the Legislature for review.

Seed to sale RFP

During the board meeting, Public Health’s representative to the board, Cid Mostales, also presented an update on the cannabis seed-to-sale system Request for Proposals.

According to Mostales, 11 vendors have already inquired about the RFP and picked up packets.

The deadline to register or to receive an RFP is 11:59 pm tonight, July 19.

The deadline for submission of proposals is on Aug. 9.