Capacity issues at GAIN affecting stray animal roundup?

Guam Animals in Need, or GAIN (PNC file photo)

Although Tamuning, Tumon, and Harmon had the highest number of strays caught for the stray animal roundup, the mayor said the total could have been higher had it not been for some issues.

Mayor Louise Rivera said that her villages faced a number of issues including miscommunication, reports of not enough space at GAIN, and residents tampering with government efforts.

“They were having some issues with space up there at GAIN and we were told not to do round-ups over the weekend because no one is going to receive it,” Rivera said.

GAIN Executive Director Alison Hadley says that in multiple meetings with roundup committee chairperson Rudy Paco and attending village mayors, she told them that the shelter has to follow Guam laws that require certain holding times for animals coming in with different situations.

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That law requires GAIN to hold stray animals for 3 days to see if owners would claim them.

She acknowledges that their adoption rows are full as well as the kennels in the back, further stating that this puts the shelter under a lot of pressure to find these animals a new home.

Hadley expressed her frustrations.

“Because it has also been the mayors who have said, well, what happens to the animals when they come up to the shelter? It can be very frustrating to be questioned like that but at the same time be criticized for not making space for them immediately,” Hadley said.

She understands that mayors want to complete the roundup quickly but she stressed that GAIN needs to do this right by the animal and follow the law.

Hadley said that the shelter is facing capacity issues because island residents who do foster already have animals in their own homes.

She stated that communication is important to prevent the roundup from stalling.

Hadley says that a lot of the animals turned into GAIN have been adoptable and some strays were humanely put to sleep.

If you would like to participate in the foster program, adopt or make a donation, you can check out the non-profit’s website at and check out their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.