Carbullido Elected Chief Judge of Guam Supreme Court, Again


Guam – The Honorable Philip Carbullido will once again become Chief Justice of Guam, effective 11 am next Tuesday, January 18th.

The 3 Justices of the Supreme Court of Guam meet Wednesday to vote for who among them would replace Chief Justice Robert Torres, whose term as a Chief Justice is set to expire on January 18th.

Both Chief Justice Torres and Associate Justice Katherine Maraman supported Justice Carbullido, who was unanimously elected.

Justice Carbullido previously served as Chief Justice from 2003-2008. He was first elected Chief Justice in 2003 to fill the remaining term of retiring Chief Justice Peter Siguenza, and was again elected to a full 30-year term in 2005.

It was under the leadership of Justice Carbullido that Guam achieved a unified judiciary, with the Supreme Court becoming the administrative head of the courts.

Justice Carbullido stated that he looks forward to assuming this leadership role once again, and that despite the government-wide financial deficit, he is confident about the future of our courts of justice.