Carbullido sworn in as Chief Justice

This is the second time Phillip Carbullido has taken on the role as Chief Justice of the Judiciary of Guam.

There’s a new Chief Justice in town and he is set on cutting costs while increasing revenues without sacrificing services at the Judiciary of Guam.

This is the second time Phillip Carbullido has taken on the role as Chief Justice of the Judiciary of Guam. He was sworn in as the Chief Justice Tuesday morning as he laid out his plan for leading the Judiciary based on the recent survey conducted by the National Center for State Courts gauging the courts’ strengths and weaknesses.

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“The most significant value of this exercise, in my mind, is that it forces us to re-examine our priorities and opens our eyes to the fact that there might be better ways to do our jobs than the ways we have grown accustomed to,” Carbullido said.

The new Chief Justice intends to move full steam ahead with capital improvement projects such as the renovation of the Route 4 building which will serve as storage and office spaces for the probation division as well as a fitness facility for law enforcement personnel, the purchase of the San Ramon Building, and the renovation of the historic courthouse.

Carbullido also wants to improve employee morale, which he says is at a staggering low.

“As I start my term as Chief Justice I am optimistic about the future that lies ahead for the judiciary. I appreciate the opportunity to briefly share my vision, my plans and my hopes for the next three years before diving right into the work at hand,” Carbullido said.

Carbullido warned that there will be challenges and setbacks ahead as the resources allocated are not controlled by the judiciary. But he accepts these challenges and looks at them as opportunities to think of other better ways of carrying out the judiciary’s job.

To help carry out his plan and achieve his goals Chief Justice Carbillido introduced the members of his management team. Among the members are former DPW Director Carl Dominguez, who is now the procurement and facilities administrator; former US Attorney and Attorney General of Guam Alicia Limitiaco, who is now director of policy planning and community relations; Judiciary of Guam Staff Attorney Serge Quenga; who is now administrator of the courts.


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