Caregiver Support Budget Slashed, Families Say They Are Now Suffering


Healthcare agencies are making significant personnel cuts because local funds are not increasing with the increasing burdens, says Dr. Akimoto.  


Guam – Senator Frank Aguon, Jr. held a meeting this afternoon at the request of Dr. Vincent Akimoto, to discuss issues related to the fifty percent cut in caregiver support for the island’s elderly and disabled. 


In a letter to the senator requesting the meeting, Dr. Akimoto talks about the numerous families suffering as a result of the sudden shortage in funding for the program, especially families of man’amko and disabled veterans.

The meeting was held at the Legislature’s Public Hearing Room at 3:30 p.m. to give families and caregivers the opportunity to express their frustrations regarding the budgetary cuts.


Dr. Akimoto says that according to Public Health Director of Senior Citizen Services, Art San Agustin, caregiver service providers are making large personnel cuts because of the lack of financial support. 


This morning, Dr. Akimoto talked more about the issue on The Breakfast Show with Ray Gibson on News Talk K57.


“These are families that have stepped up to do this. They’ve given up their jobs, sacrificed their own family time, but they are getting assistance or have been getting assistance from the past from agencies like Catholic Social Services or from the Healthcare Services of the Pacific. But these agencies are telling us that the funding for these things have not increased with the increasing burden. There’s more and more people needing these services, more and more people getting older, and more and more people choosing to stay home because they believe that medical services on Guam are getting better,” he says.


Several senators were at the meeting, including Committee on Health Chairperson Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. Another meeting is being planned for this week.