Carin-Jo Luzama Martin Accused of Activating Nearly $32K in 76 PrePaid Cards “To Get Back at My Bosses”


Guam – Carin-Jo Luzama Martin has been charged in Superior Court with Theft.


Martin was a cashier at the Anigua 76/Circle K where she is alleged to have “activated approximately $31,800 in prepaid cards”  since February of this year.

READ the Magistrate report HERE

According to the Magistrate report, an off-island company handles South Pacific Petroleum’s [SPPC] prepaid card program. That company “automatically deducts the cost of the prepaid card purchases from the SPPC corporate bank account when a prepaid card is activated.”

“However, the funds collected by the off-island vendor from the corporate account did not match the funds received from the Anigua store where the prepaid cards had been activated.”

An investigation was launched and found that the cards in question “were activated by the store cashier, Carin-Jo Martin … without collecting the money for the purchases.”

When police questioned Martin this past Wednesday, the report states that she admitted to activating the cards ” about a year ago ‘just to get back at my bosses.'”