Carnival Casino Becomes “Barrigada Fiesta Game of Chances”, The Name Has Changed, But Many of the Games Are the Same


Guam – It was the Casino during the Carnival, now the sign reads “Barrigada Fiesta Game of Chances”, however the casino gambling games being offered are the same.

The Barrigada Mayors Office says they have received approval from both Rev & Tax and the Governor’s Office to continue using the facility for what they’re calling “games of chance” during the Barrigada Fiesta which runs through Sunday September 2.

By definition, any game of chance that involves anything of monetary value is gambling and most of the games being offered for the Barrigada Fiesta, were also offered at the Carnival Casino including poker games like Texas Hold’em and Black Jack as well as Baccarat. They are also offering Bingo.

The Mayor’s office says that the proceeds from these “games of chance” will be deposited into the non profit Barrigada Municipal Planning Council account.

The money will be used to defray costs for daily operations, sports and liberation events.