Castro Grateful For C.N.M.I. Governor Torres’ Support


CNMI Governor Ralph Torres stands firm on his decision to hire former Guam Senator Will Castro as his chief of staff despite concerns from the CNMI Senate.

PNC’s Don Sulat has this regional update…

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In a statement to PNC, Senator Deleon Guerrero says that despite it being an election year it is not the reason for her comment. The Senator cites Commonwealth Code quote, “If the Governor certifies to the presiding officers of the legislature and the chairman of the Civil Service Commission that, after a diligent effort, the Commonwealth is unable to recruit a professionally or technically qualified person to take an appointed position, he or she may waive the salary ceiling established by law for that position.”

And stands by her comments that the CNMI has qualified individuals to be Chief of Staff.
This past Tuesday CNMI Governor Torres released a statement that reaffirms his decision to hire former Guam Senator Will Castro as his chief of staff.

In his statement, Governor Torres addressed the questions raised by CNMI Senator Edith Deleon Guerrero over the hiring of Castro during last Thursday’s Senate Session. She raised questions as to why Torres did not look to fill the Chief of Staff Position from members of the CNMI public.

In response to the Senator Governor Torres cites Castro’s experience as a Guam Senator and professional background. Furthermore, Governor Torres stated, quote, “It must be an election year when a sitting senator chooses to question the just decision of the chief executive when there are more important issues facing our Commonwealth.”

Meanwhile, In an interview with PNC, Castro explains his roots within the CNMI and expressed his thanks towards Governor Torres and hopes that his credentials go beyond his education and prove that he is deserving of the job.

PNC reached out to Castro for a response, but he said he had no comments to Senator Deleon Guerrero’s earlier statement, in which she cites CNMI Law, 1 CMC Subsection 82580 c.

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