Underwood issues release saying Castro will vote for him in runoff election

(From Sen. Wil Castro's page)

The Robert Underwood campaign issued the following release Thursday morning:

Having lost his bid in the General Election, Castro announced on his Facebook page, his decision to vote for Robert Underwood.

In a one-on-one meeting Tuesday night with Wil Castro, Robert Underwood sat outside with the Republican Congressional candidate at his home in Barrigada, where Castro informed Underwood of his decision.

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Castro has shown great respect for Underwood throughout the campaign and in his Facebook post wrote, “Thank you for the humble visit. A University President, and distinguished scholar, advocate and Guam delegate… to visit a village boy of modest means, the son of a retired customs officer…I am so thankful to God for the honor. You honored my parents’ home and family last night. Thank you, kind sir.”

Castro added, “It was very classy of you, Saina. While I couldn’t endorse you on tv or otherwise, I committed my one vote to you as a private citizen.”

In response, Underwood said , “I called Senator Castro and asked if I could see him about his platform and his ideas. He is clearly passionate about stronger regional partnerships and the need to explore unique ways to be of greater service to Guam veterans. I am committed to seeing these initiatives implemented if elected.”

“I want to thank him for his personal time gi kusinan san hiyong,” Underwood said. “He is a bright and engaging statesman whose energy and ideas should be harnessed for our island’s benefit.”