Catch Guam Symphony Society’s 50th Anniversary concert


This weekend is your last chance to catch the Guam Symphony Society perform in the 50th Anniversary season.

Guam – This weekend is your last chance to catch the Guam Symphony Society perform in the 50th Anniversary season. Music Director, Stephen Bednarzyk says you won’t want to miss this one.


“That’s Italian” – Is the final concert for the 50th anniversary season of the Guam Symphony Society. This time, however, symphony goers can expect more than just a beautiful show. 

“It’s the finale for the 50th season believe. The orchestra was found in 1967 and we’re doing a big gala fundraiser. It starts with cocktails and then at 7pm we start the actual dinner and it’s a five course plated dinner. I had the chance to do a tasting of it on Thursday and it is fantastic,” he added. 

The finale is this Saturday May 13th. This event is an opera fundraiser gala featuring soprano Colleen Jennings and tenor Hyun Ki Min. The music is all things Italian, but newcomers to the symphony shouldn’t fret –Bednarzyk promises that most of the music will be familiar, even to the novice. 

“The food alone is worth the price of admission, but it’s a wonderful concert. And these are tunes you have heard before in cartoons, on TV and movies,” he said. 

The society has been around since the 1960’s. And as the Guam symphony celebrates their 50th anniversary, Bednarzyk says it’s a testament of all the generous benefactors that have kept the arts afloat. 

“We’ve had tremendous support through you know the time that are good and bad and its been great that we survived 50 years and we’re looking forward to another 50 years,” he said. 

There are still seats available, but you can’t buy tickets the day of the event, so tomorrow is the last day to purchase any remaining tickets at either the Faith Bookstore or by calling 477-1959. Tickets are $90 per individual or $85 for member.