Man on meth allegedly steals car

A man who is involved in a car theft case says that he won't give up the name of the original car thief, saying...

MLK Day at the Micronesia Mall

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, a civil rights activist whose life was taken away at 39 years old dedicated his life to create change...

Man on meth stabs another man with a pair of scissors

A man reportedly on meth allegedly stabs another man with a pair of scissors apparently, because he was angry he couldn't find his girlfriend. According...

Men get in a sword fight with a pipe and machete

"A sword fight with a pipe and a machete" is how a witness describes an altercation between two men. According to a magistrate's report, a...

Sustainability in the near future

The Consolidated Commission on Utilities swore in new members into office yesterday. On top of their minds, keeping rates low for utility customers while...

Elderly at a higher risk for COVID and the flu

Public Health is further stressing the importance of vaccination - especially following the recent COVID spike. Territorial Epidemiologist Dr. Ann Pobutsky said that COVID cases...

Man and woman steal car

41-year-old Antoinette Ann Ignacio Camacho is charged with burglary, theft of an automobile, both as 2nd-degree felonies, along with charges of theft as a...

Man steals from his mother to fuel meth addiction

This past Sunday, Guam Police Department responded to a walk-in complaint at the Dededo precinct. According to a magistrate's report, the female victim claimed that...

Senator Will Parkinson on Public Law 20-134

Freshman Senator Will Parkinson maintains his position to let the courts decide if the 1990 abortion ban was ever "on the books". Senator Parkinson said...

Car found by Facebook page

A missing car was found with aid from Facebook - at a home that the alleged robber didn't even live in. A stolen car was...





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