Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Moves to Third Reading File for Voting

In legislative-related news, Bill 297, otherwise known as the pregnant worker's fairness act has been moved to the third reading file for voting. PNC's Damen...

New Law Allows the Legal Selling of Cannabis Infused Food Products

A new law now makes it easier for businesses to sell cannabis. Bill 333-36, which was signed into law yesterday, will now make it...

Seven Heroes Honored with Bill 303-36 Signing into Law

The 7 Co-Liberators and Heroes of Malesso were honored earlier today as Bill 303, which designates Route 4 in Malesso as the "Seven Heroes...

Bill Aims to Bring the Emergency Room to your Door

In legislative news - members of Guam's First Responder Community voiced their support for a bill aimed to bring the emergency room, to your...

Governor still has the Power to declare a Public Health Emergency

In legislative news - the fight from the legislature continues. Senators from both sides of the aisle voiced their distaste for the failure to overturn...

Efforts to Reconnect with Pacific Islander Away From Home

The Guam Visitors Bureau had a recent mission at the 28th Pacific Islander Festival in San Diego The annual event included 300,000 Pacific Islanders that...

Legislation Aims to Provide Protection to Victims of Stalking

In legislative news --- a new bill aims to provide a remedy to victims of stalkers by allowing them to request protection orders against...

Public Hearing Held for Cannabis-Infused Products

The journey to establish a Cannabis Industry on the island continues - A public hearing was held earlier today to legalize the sale of cannabis-infused...

Bill Provides Additional Remedy for Sexual Assault Victims

Bringing the discussion back to legislation - a bill was introduced which seeks to provide a civil remedy to victims of sexual violence. PNC's Khyomara...

Bill 333 Seeks to Allow Legal Selling of Cannabis-Infused Products

In legislative news - the Department of Public Health asked Senator Clynt Ridgell to make an amendment to the food drug and cosmetic act...





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