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An Act of Normalcy, Indoor Mask Mandate Lifted!

For the last two years, Guam and the rest of the world have been plagued with the COVID 19 pandemic. For the last two...

Community members gather in opposition of the Guam Heartbeat Act

Concerned constituents gathered in front of the Guam Congress Building on Wednesday, to voice their opposition of the recently introduced, "Guam Heartbeat Act." PNC's Althea...

Petition goes before Supreme Court demanding recognition of territories

Last year, a divided panel of the U.S.. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit expressly relied on the insular cases to reverse a...

Night life on Guam is looking to make a comeback as the pandemic eases...

After three years of the pandemic freezing the island's nightlife scene, Guam's biggest Electronic music festival is back. PNC's Althea Engman has more...   For the 8th...

Supreme Court: Territorial citizens are not worthy of equal benefits

An 8 to 1 Supreme Court ruling has now officially barred residents of U.S. Territories from receiving federal benefits provided to Mainland U.S. residents. PNC's...

Dr. Benjamin Santiago recognized as 2021 Guam Teacher of the Year

A teacher of journalism and cultural dance, Dr. Benjamin Santiago was recognized as the 2021 Guam Teacher of the Year. Every year, the Guam Department...

Governor Says Endemic Is Soon To Come

Today marks the 2-year anniversary of Guam joining the rest of the world in the COVID-19 pandemic. During those 2 years Guam's citizens went...

Prugråman Salåppe’ Opens To Large Turnout

Applications for Prugraman Salappe' have gone live since 8 am today. Many residents lined up at the ITC Building to pick up applications for...

RECA 2 Year Extension Denied

Pacific Association for Radiation Survivors President, Robert Celestial, is calling for Bipartisan Support from Guam's leaders to push for the RECA bill to pass...

Gas Prices Go Up 30 Cents Per Gallon

Gas prices have at Mobil have reached $5.99. Typically, when one gas station raises its prices, the rest follow shortly thereafter. This is likely due...





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