Anya Jasmin Wins Google’s 14th Annual “Doodle For Google” Competition

The next time you're on Google's homepage, you may just see local art from Anya Jasmin. PNC's Destiny Cruz has more... Anya Marie Cercado Jasmin, a...

A Japanese Reality Tv Show Promoting Guam as A Tourist Destination

A Japanese Reality Tv Show Filmed on Guam Looks to help Promote the Island as a Tourist Destination Spot. PNC's Damen Michael has this story With...

Okkodo High School Awarded This Year’s Lip Dub Challenge Winners

Power98 and PNC presented this year's lip dub challenge award to its recipients, the senior class at Okkodo High School." PNC's Destiny Cruz has more... Power98...

Indigo Music Festival Bringing Back Live Music

Live Music is back and is on its way to making Guam's music scene as it was before, but better than ever. PNC's Althea Engman...

An Act of Normalcy, Indoor Mask Mandate Lifted!

For the last two years, Guam and the rest of the world have been plagued with the COVID 19 pandemic. For the last two...

Adelup celebrates 78th Liberation Celebration theme

The theme for this year's 78th Guam Liberation Celebration, is "the strength to overcome and Faith to Persevere" PNC's Althea Engman has the story...  

Community members gather in opposition of the Guam Heartbeat Act

Concerned constituents gathered in front of the Guam Congress Building on Wednesday, to voice their opposition of the recently introduced, "Guam Heartbeat Act." PNC's Althea...

Petition goes before Supreme Court demanding recognition of territories

Last year, a divided panel of the U.S.. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit expressly relied on the insular cases to reverse a...

More on Bill 294 with Senator Clynt Ridgell

  PNC spoke with Senator Clynt Ridgell regarding the recent cannabis bill, that would prevent employers to test for cannabis prior to employment. PNC's Althea Engman...

Night life on Guam is looking to make a comeback as the pandemic eases...

After three years of the pandemic freezing the island's nightlife scene, Guam's biggest Electronic music festival is back. PNC's Althea Engman has more...   For the 8th...





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