20 years after 9/11: Guam and the permanent war

Although we are thousands of miles away from the mainland, 9/11 changed Guam just as much as the U.S. and the rest of the...

GDOL wishes Guam a Happy Labor Day!

On this day when we celebrate the workforce of Guam, we celebrate you. You are the backbone of our economy and we praise your outstanding...

Building a resilient and inclusive global health system together

By Dr. Shih-chung Chen Taiwan Minister of Health and Welfare The threat that emerging infectious diseases pose to global health and the economy, trade, and tourism never...

Heaven on their minds: A look back at Jesus Christ Superstar

By Gerry Partido The Lenten season always brings back memories of a college professor who first introduced me and my batchmates to Jesus Christ Superstar...

Guam laws impose unreasonable barriers to women’s choice

By Dr. Ellen Bez This past year our country has experienced a deadly pandemic, civil unrest, destructive protests, and a violent insurrection. As a result,...

Biden pledges unity, but facts and truth have to come first

By LZ Granderson Ok…now what? Yeah, yeah ding-dong, the witch is dead some will say, but Dorothy’s adventures have only just begun -- or in the...

COVID and Biden: Top 7 things new president and his team must do

By Marc Siegel As Joe Biden becomes president this week Americans everywhere are frightened by the growing numbers of coronavirus infections and death. They are...

Isn’t it inconsiderate to have patrons wait outside in the sun?

By Ron Batimana Something to ponder, I know that with the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, clinics and other public places have resorted to...

Guam needs protection from medical negligence

By David Lubofsky I have been fighting to change this law for two years. As you know, the Guam Mandatory Malpractice Arbitration Act (MMAA) has...

VIEWPOINT: Real consultation with the people of Guam needed on effects of military operations

By Thomas F. King I write to comment on the “Programmatic Agreement” (PA) among the Commander, Joint Region Marianas (CJRM) and the Guam State Historic Preservation Officer...





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