Catholic Church to hold Mass in parking lots; Communion to be distributed in cars

Archbishop Michael Byrnes (PNC file photo)

Archbishop Michael Byrnes announced during this morning’s reconsecration Mass that the Archdiocese of Agana will start holding Mass in the parking lot beginning next weekend.

Byrnes said priests are working diligently to proceed with a live Mass in parish parking lots, including the distribution of Holy Communion.

“We have a set of protocols that we think satisfies the appropriate social distancing. All our protocols are in line with what is prudent in this time of COVID-19. The faithful can receive Holy Communion from their cars,” the archbishop said.

He added: “This is another ray of light for us here on this island. And we’re doing this in cooperation with the Department of Public Health. I just want to acknowledge that as a church, we have a strong desire to be partners with our government, recognizing that we have an extraordinary responsibility to see that our efforts in the church don’t become an instance of widening the scope of infection here on the island. So again, it’s good news. And I ask us all to be very cooperative to the kinds of protocols we will need to take in order to celebrate the Mass.”