Catholic faithful participate in Santa Marian Kamalen reconsecration

The historic statue of Santa Marian Kamalen was brought to island villages, passing all of Guam’s Catholic churches. (PNC file photo)

Despite the rain, the island’s faithful gathered outside their homes and along the street to welcome the Santa Marian Kamalen as the image was taken around Guam as part of the island’s reconsecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Members of the island’s faithful lined the streets and watched from their homes as the Santa Marian Kamalen made its way through the island’s villages and churches as part of the ceremony to reconsecrate the island to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Archbishop Michael Byrnes conducted the reconsecration of Guam on Saturday in line with the Catholic church’s efforts in the United States in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The faithful were encouraged to stand outside their homes in prayer and wave if they saw the statue of Santa Marian Kamalen.

Father Gerry Hernandez of the San Isidro Church said that the ceremony was important to have during this time of uncertainty.

“The visit of our Blessed Virgin Mary will give encouragement to my parishioners. In this situation, we need the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – especially those who are sick and need healing,” Hernandez said.

Archbishop Byrnes announced at the end of Saturday’s reconsecration Mass that the Archdiocese of Agana will start holding Mass in the parking lot beginning next weekend. He said that the Archdiocese has a protocol in line with proper social distancing measures and would enable the faithful to receive Holy Communion from their cars.

“Our priests will be working diligently over this week to proceed with a live mass in the parking lot. This would include the distribution of holy communion. We have a set of protocols that we think satisfies the appropriate social distancing and making sure that all our protocols with what is prudent in this time of coronavirus,” the Archbishop said.