Catholic Men’s Conference will tackle tough issues like sexual harassment

Archdiocese of Agana (PNC file photo)

Guam – The annual Catholic Men’s Conference is coming up and this year, among the topics to be be discussed are persistent problems among men making headlines in recent months.

The conference is open to men as young as high school students. Founder Pat Wolff says the conference is similar to a retreat where men of different ages and walks of life gather for fellowship, faith-based learning, song and workshops.

This year, break out sessions will also address issues like sexual harassment, pornography and identity conflicts.

“For example, one of our breakout workshops in this conference is going to be on pornography. It’s a subject that nobody wants to talk about but it’s a persistent problem,” explained Wolff. “There’s gonna be another workshop that’s gonna talk about how men approach women versus sexual harassment and where do you draw those lines, what’s ok and what’s not ok.”

Wolff, however, shares the goal of this conference is not to impugn men, but to offer a connection for men to gather once a year and learn from one another.

“The model is just to bring men together for a full day of fellowship of just wonderful singing, of some inspirational speeches on subjects that are relevant to men in their walk of faith and not just the good stuff but the things we struggle with,” said Wolff.

Although it’s called the Catholic Men’s Conference, Wolff says you don’t have to be catholic to attend.

The conference will be held this Saturday, Jan. 20 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Agana Cathedral Basilica. Registration is $10 and can be done at parish offices or online at