Catholic schools just waiting for the governor’s order to reopen schools

(PNC file photo)

Catholic schools are just waiting for Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s final decision before they can identify a date for the reopening of their schools for face-to-face instruction.

So far, the governor has not yet authorized the public schools to open and she is adopting a wait and see stance as people gather to celebrate the holidays.

Dr. Juan Flores, the Superintendent of Catholic Schools, in an interview with Patti Arroyo on NewsTalk K57, says they are waiting for the governor’s final decision before allowing kids into schools.

“We are going to follow the governor and the Archbishop and I have discussed this…when the governor lifts the restrictions — regardless of what GDOE would do — we would try to get kids in school as soon as possible as soon as the governor lifts the restrictions,” Flores said.

He added: “The concern I have right now is we can’t get a notice on a Friday afternoon that schools can open on Monday. I’m hoping that we would have lead time so all of our schools are ready.”

Flores says there are families that are still anxious about sending their kids to school so the Catholic schools would have to make some concessions and find out how to continue to serve kids virtually while allowing face-to-face instruction.

“It is mostly the financial strain that has been challenging but I am also hearing from some parents that if we continue with virtual education, they probably would have to pull their kids out. But I am also hearing from parents that they don’t want to send their kids to schools because of the situation that we are in,” Flores said.

Despite these challenges, Flores assures that Catholic schools are prepared to reopen.