Catholic schools to shift to distance learning should PCOR-2 be declared


The Archdiocese of Agaña’s Office of Catholic Education announces that all Catholic Schools will continue with their regular schedule of instructions unless PCOR 2 is declared.

In the event that the Governor places Guam in PCOR 2, all Catholic schools will shift to distance learning only and parents/guardians will be advised of the effective dates. Otherwise, the status quo remains. Please be assured that should PCOR 2 be declared, our Catholic schools can make accommodations for students to be taught through distance learning.

Superintendent of Catholic Education Juan Flores and school administrators met today to discuss the course of action in light of the sharp rise in the number of positive COVID-19 cases reported on Guam recently.

The Archdiocese is in close communication with the Governor’s Office and Department of Public Health and Social Services and actively monitors developments. Each of the Catholic schools is also providing updates to parents/guardians of their students.

Strong communication between parents/guardians and their respective schools is crucial at this time. Parents/guardians are asked to please keep informed about their children’s lessons and school status by accessing information on their school’s websites, Facebook pages and via e-mail. As well, principals and faculty will also communicate to the parents and students in these ways and by phone.

“All of our Catholic schools are dedicated to the education and spiritual formation of each of our students in safe, healthy, positive environments,” said Superintendent Flores. “All schools are following stringent protocols involving distancing between individuals, thorough sanitization, and the use of masks, shields and other protective devices.”

“These are extraordinary times which require extra hard work and dedication by our faculty and staff and certainly students and their families,” Flores added. “But we shall get through these difficult times by working together and especially with God in our midst.”

(Archdiocese of Agana news release)