CCU GM Has No Problem With DPW Workforce Village Permit


Guam – Department of  Public Works Director Andy Leon Guerrero says CCU General Manager John Benevente has assured him that GWA has no problem with the July 12th permit issued by DPW’s Jesus Ninete for Younex’s Ukudu Workforce Village.

Benevente is also currently the Acting GM of  the Guam Waterworks Authority.

The U.S. EPA has raised objections to the permit DPW issued and demanded a hearing before the District Court saying the permit appears to have by-passed review by both GWA and Guam EPA. U.S. EPA fears  work on the Workforce Village is moving ahead of the Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant’s ability to handle the sewage flow from the village.

However, on the K-57 Breakfast Show Monday morning, Leon Guerrero said that Benevente reviewed the permit and found nothing wrong with the work that it authorizes.

The permit allows Younex to anchor the worker housing modules to concrete foundations that are being poured now.

DPW Director Andy Leon Guerrero says no water or sewer hookups are authorize by the permit and EPA’s concerns are premature.

U.S. EPA has requested a Status Hearing on the project and the permit that was issued. The District Court has yet to schedule a hearing.