CCU has not yet released management evaluations but pay hikes unlikely

(file photo)

The Consolidated Commission on Utilities has not yet released the results of the management evaluations it conducted for Guam Power Authority and Guam Waterworks Authority managers.

CCU has held two sessions already dedicated to the management evaluations of the heads of both GPA and GWA, the agencies’ legal and financial officers, and the board secretary.

According to CCU commissioner Simon Sanchez, the results will only be announced when all seven evaluations are completed.

The management evaluations of the two general managers will be done in open session as required by law.

Two years ago, the approval of pay raises for GPA and GWA officials became controversial after it was approved behind closed doors, prompting the Attorney General to rule that CCU violated the Open Government Law.

Sanchez assured that any pay adjustments based on the reviews will be done in open session as required by law.

But he said the majority of the CCU members have already stated publicly that pay adjustments at this time, no matter the review, would not be supported given the community’s difficult circumstances from the pandemic.