Celebrate Mother’s Day at Elevenses coffee shop

Elevenses coffee shop in Upper Tumon. (PNC photo)

For those who are looking for a place for Mother’s Day, there’s a coffee shop inspired by the Lord of the Rings or the British penchant for an 11 am late morning snack.

Grace Valencia is a small business owner, loving wife, and mother of two.

Grace and her husband Verj Valencia, who are experienced business owners, ventured into their first food and beverage business in January of 2020, opening Elevenses coffee shop.

When asked about the inspiration behind the coffee shop’s unique name, Grace explained that the number eleven has a significant meaning to her and her family. So, when Valencia’s husband looked up the definition of elevenses, which means to take a short break for light refreshments with coffee or tea at eleven o’clock, the couple believed that the name was meant to be.

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Like many locally-owned small businesses, Elevenses was hit hard by the pandemic. However, Grace said that though navigating how to run a small business during a pandemic was challenging, having faith and being passionate ultimately guided their small business through trying times.

“It’s a challenge to be able to open a small business … especially because this is our first food and beverage business. But with faith and passion, we were able to survive during the pandemic. We actually opened right before the pandemic started, on January 27, so February was our soft opening, and no one knew about us yet— it was just our family. Then March it was already the lockdown,” Valencia said.

With Grace being a hard-working mother herself, she recognizes the importance of honoring the mothers who have sacrificed so much during the pandemic. Grace believes that every mother deserves to be celebrated during Mother’s Day, and every day beyond that.

“Being a mother now, I know how challenging it is to become a mother. Like you said, it shouldn’t just be one day during Mother’s Day; it should be every day. Now that I’m a mother, I know all the sacrifices that my mom—our grandmothers did for us. I think it’s very important,” Valencia said.

Elevenses is offering a complimentary roasted tea to every mother during Mother’s Day, as well as an opportunity for a family photo op, which can be posted to enter Elevenses’s Mother’s Day social media contest.

Elevenses is located next to iConnect in upper Tumon and is open from 7 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday, and from 11 am to 7 pm on Sundays. For more details, visit @Elevensescompany on Instagram.