Cement Huts at Paseo Not Suitable For Liberation Carnival


The Mayors’ Council has decided to move the liberation carnival to Ypao beach.

Guam – The Mayors’ Council of Guam has decided to move this years liberation carnival again this time from the Paseo to Ypao beach. Why? According to Mayor’s Council President Paul McDonald the changes made to Paseo for FESTPAC have made the area unsuitable for the carnival.


 “It was actually made last week about Friday we met with the staff of the Governor’s office because when we went over the blueprint of the Paseo we found out it was just not feasible for us to go on with the carnival down at the Paseo,” said McDonald. The Mayor’s Council President says that the construction of the cement huts for FESTPAC took away a lot of the parking space and the cement huts themselves won’t work for carnival vendors. “They’re not secured to secure once the vendors have set up in there and there was no consideration for the piping for the plumbing,” said McDonald.

 The Mayor says the bottom line is that the Paseo grounds are simply not suitable any more for the liberation carnival. So now the plan is to hold the carnival at Ypao beach.

 Some callers to the “Mornings with Patti” show on Newstalk K57 complained about how muddy and flooded Ypao gets especially during the rainy season. The carnival is held during the rainy season. McDonald says that the place they are planning to utilize is directly behind the Guam Visitors Bureau and it is not prone to flooding. “You know it’s like a gradual hill that when it rains it won’t be as bad as if we we’re gonna set up in the flat ground area,” said the Mayor.

 What about the old carnival grounds in Tiyan? The mayors at one point fought the Department of Parks and Recreation just to utilize the area. They even put in a lot of infrastructure including numerous permanent structures. The place is now a ghost town.

 “Do you think it’s a waste you guys put a lot of money into Tiyan a lot of infrastructure, built some buildings there. You think it’s a waste?” asked PNC “It’s not a waste because we’ve made our money in the first two years,” said McDonald. However the Mayor says that last year they barely made a profit which is why they are deciding to move. McDonald says Tiyan is difficult for the public to access which is why they believe the carnival is losing business. This is why mayors initially voted to move the carnival to the Paseo so that it could be in the island’s capital and near to the liberation parade.

 As for the permanent structures left behind at Tiyan the Mayor says he hopes the Barrigada Mayor will make use of it for some form of village night market.





  1. Mayor McDonald said ” Tiyan is difficult for the public to access which is why they believe the carnival is losing business. ” Actually, the reason why vendors didn’t make any money is that their booths were BORING. What kind of carnival sets up shipping containers for booths? Where were all the fun rides? If there was some serious effort to make a profit, then put your money where your mouth is and invest in quality entertainment. The people aren’t fooled. It’s the same boring booths and rides every year. Maybe we should just forego the idea of a carnival all together.

  2. Anyone who passes by the old carnival grounds in Tiyan with the infastructure left behind can see that it is a waste of government funds yet again…The steel shacks w/roll up doors, the paved pathway only to be decided years later that it wasn’t going to make money, correct me if I’m wrong but a few years ago when it was built they said that it was a the best location and will grow in the years to come? ALSO the carnival does not make money it usually breaks even, the casino though that is the cash cow of the mayor’s council, if you ever been inside there thousands is being made also remember that it is a 24 hour casino……It was a strategic move to put in Tiyan so the Casino can continue well past Liberation day and into the Barrigada Fiesta.

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