Chamber Seeks to Clear “Misconceptions” Over Programmatic Agreement


Guam – The Guam Chamber of Commerce believes there are some misconceptions about the purpose of the Programmatic Agreement [PA] and in an effort to clarify just what the Programmatic agreement is, and is not they released the following statement below:


“The Chamber feels very strongly that the PA is imperative for Guam and its cultural resources. The PA provides a process, a holistic solution, to preserve properties, artifacts and other items of historical significance. The process is all-inclusive and allows for collaboration by all interested parties. We stress that the Programmatic Agreement is a process to protect cultural resources. It is not about the scope of the buildup, real estate, or specific alternatives identified in the FEIS.”

“Signatories of the Programmatic Agreement promote communication on how to resolve issues of cultural significance. It is not a final step but a venue for future collaboration that will allow for changes if needed. The Chamber believes that not signing the PA removes the only holistic, culturally sensitive, and inclusive approach to properly caring for Guam’s items of historical significance proposed to date.”