Chamber: Some restrictions can be lifted without jeopardizing safety


Ahead of the release of the Governor’s recovery plan, the Guam Chamber of Commerce released its own suggested proposal for lifting the social distancing restrictions and getting businesses on Guam back open again.

Chamber President Catherine Castro said public safety is foremost and businesses should respect that, but the Chamber is suggesting that some restrictions can be lifted without jeopardizing public safety.

Among the recommendations in the Chamber’s plan are loosening restrictions on what can be bought and sold and ending the roadblocks.

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“At the K-Marts and all of these other shopping areas, they can just sell what they have. Because what’s essential for one person is not essential for another person. So just kind of lifting those restrictions,” Castro said.

The Governor told K57’s Patti Arroyo Friday that she is aware of the Chamber’s plan and it’s being reviewed, but the only official plan for recovery will be issued by her office.

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“I know that there is a plan circulating out there that the Chamber of Commerce has drafted. That is not the official plan. It has not been sanctioned at all, although they have submitted that plan to the panel, and they are reviewing that. I just want to be sure and clear that any guidelines and any recovery plans are going to be coming from the government’s official sanctioned plan,” the governor said.

The governor on Friday said she hopes to have the recovery plan approved and issued early this week.