Governor Declares His Support for the Buildup Saying “I Will Not Turn Away $15 Billion”


Guam – In a speech before the Guam Chamber of Commerce Wedensday, Governor Eddie Calvo declared he wants to see the military buildup happen and “I will not turn away $15 billion from this island.”

In a speech entitled  Poverty, Prosperity and the Programmatic Agreement the Governor said People are struggling across this island. Poverty is on the rise. There aren’t enough jobs. Prices are rising. Homelessness is growing.”

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He declared that the Government “does not have the resources to address all these problems” but “the military buildup,” he said “is our big opportunity.”

“I want to see the military buildup happen. I will not ask the Marines to turn around and find another home. I will not turn away $15 billion from this island as people are struggling just to get by. I will not be a governor who errs on the side of political caution while the future prosperity of all Guamanians is in jeopardy.”

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Addressing the critics of the buildup the Governor said: “Sometimes I feel people are shouting at each other, while saying the same thing … ‘Get it in writing.”

The Governor said he has asked the Navy to do just that.

“We’ve asked for the Navy to include their concessions in the Programmatic Agreement or in a separate parallel agreement. We want surety that Pagat village won’t be affected by the firing range. We want their commitment in writing to the investments they will make to our infrastructure. Most of all, we want it in writing that land will be returned… and that the federal footprint will shrink.”