Lina’la Park Holds Tie-Off Ceremony, Ancient Chamorro Village a Month Away from Completion


Guam – A tie off ceremony was held  Friday at the Lina’la Chamorro Cultural Park in Tumon.


The occasion marked the completion of  a village hut where builders sewed the last nipa leaf shingles onto the structures.

The Chamorro Cultural Park is scheduled to open on June 27.

Nearly 50 members of the media were on hand including representatives from the international media.

According to Baldyga Group Project Manager Ernie Galito, Ron Acfalle and the TASA group have been replicating a Chamorro village based on historic and archaeological accounts. He mentions they wanted to recreate the feeling the ancient Chamorro felt 500 years ago in getting everyone together when the final shingles are attached.

“We want everybody to see what we’re trying to create this impression of Chamorro village life 500 years ago. Or based on accounts” said Galito. “Nobody really knows for sure, but we got help from Guampedia and MARC from University of Guam. So we’re trying to get all the subject matter experts to try to recreate this feeling.”