CHamoru Land Trust Commission Requests Over $2 Million Dollars for FY 2023

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The CHamoru Land Trust Commission is asking for over $2M, among four requests: decreasing the CLTC’s survey and infrastructure fund, which is an initial budget of over $200K, down to a little over $50K in order to coincide with the executive branch, to increase CLTC”s operational fund, and decrease CLTC’s operation fund benefits line.

“Budget request is $1,800,960. The funding source breakdown of CLTC’s FY 2023 budget request would be $1,139,222 from CLTC’s operations fund.”

The Commission also expressed its goal of installing infrastructure in both agricultural and residential areas. Camacho said, “The installation of infrastructure is costly. CLTC like I mentioned earlier, has reached out to the RCAC for assistance and we anticipate submitting our USDA RD application before the fiscal year-end.” She added, “CLTC anticipates that all recruitments authorized in FY 2022 will be completed in the next two months. CLTC has received $695,262 from the Governor’s American Rescue Plan. CLTC intends to use that money for the surveying of leased properties.”

The CLTC is looking to improve the 1022 area which was initially the land for the landless subdivision. Saying that the 1022 area is unusable due to the lot size but the CLTC is planning to install wastewater for the lots to become usable.

Joey Cruz, CLTC staff member said, “And water–we got a quotation from GWA, it’s going to cost roughly about $50M for 403 lots.”

Moreover, Cruz further reported on the shortfalls that the commission is experiencing.

Cruz added, “For the last three, four years we’ve been operating at a deficit. The shortfall or the supplemental will come from the money in the bank that we have. Although, like I mentioned we’ve been very frugal. ”

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