CHamoru Master Carver Discusses Craft


Recently, PNC spoke with Master Carver Robert Taitano to discuss the cultural relevance of his practice to the CHamoru people.

PNC’s Damen Michael also has this story…

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Carving has been a cultural tradition in the Marianas region for generations. The practice has a skilled carver create decorative furniture, small accessory items, sculptures, and more to provide utilitarian value in household goods. For Guam one of the most historic ways carving was used is in creating lattes to help support homes.

Over the years the utilization of carved goods has evolved and transitioned into an artistic form. Carving consists of raw materials typically found on the island like stone, wood, bone and shells. Recognized by the Guam Council of arts and humanities agency Master Carver Robert Taitano spoke with PNC on his products and why he carves.

Taitano is very well known for many decorative or commemorative items. He mainly specializes in using ifit trees for most of his unique products. Taitano and his son own the ifit shop in Yigo where they also provide training and teaching for those who want to learn the trade.

Taitano also stated that he accepts anyone who’s willing to put in the time and effort to learn the craft. As of right now, Taitano has an apprentice Francis Manglona who has been learning from him since 2018.

After a few years, Francis has started to create and sell his own decorative carvings learning from the traditional teachings of Master Carver Taitano.

Master Carver Taitano is the only master carver on island as of right now. To learn more about him and his craft visit