CHamoru women’s group distributing home garden kits to help feed families


I Hagan Famalåo’an Guåhan, Inc. (IHFG), a contemporary CHamoru women’s organization established in August 2019, was awarded a grant from the indigenous Pawanka Fund to distribute more than 2,500 face masks, 150 home-garden kits, and 150 åmot CHamoru kits used to reduce the impact of symptoms similar to those of COVID-19.

As the island community continues to face the increasing social, economic, and health challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, IHFG rises to meet some of those needs.

This is an update regarding the distribution of 150 home-garden kits to those interested in
gardening or developing backyard and container gardens in their homes and living spaces.

This phase of the project is intended to help feed families throughout the continued quarantine period. The home-garden start-up kits will include various seed packets, soil, pots, fertilizer, and mulch instructional handouts.

Tele-workshops and instructional videos produced by IHFG members experienced in agricultural farming will also be available to those receiving garden kits.

IHFG has partnered with the Department of Agriculture, Chamoru Land Trust Commission, the Commission on Decolonization, and the Northern Guam Soil and Water Conservation District regarding the distribution of the home-garden kits which are scheduled to be released on the following Saturday’s: July 11, 2020 and July 18, 2020.

Interested recipients may pick up their home-garden kits from 9 am – 12 pm at Department of Agriculture in Mangilao, across the street from the Main Office Building. The road access will be restricted to a one-way entrance and exit.

The kits will be delivered to recipients in their cars, those picking up are encouraged to stay in their vehicles and wear a mask when their vehicle is approached by an IHFG representative.

There is no exclusionary criteria to receive a kit, kits will be given on a first-come first-serve basis, but they will be limited to one per person.

In the spirit of social care and responsibility, IHFG turns to traditional CHamoru cultural
practices and holistic healing remedies in our efforts to aid our community in the threat and
uncertainty of COVID-19.

I Hagan Famalao’åon Guåhan Co-Mañelu/President Jessica Nanguata states the following: “We realize the importance of food sovereignty now more than ever. For generations we have thrived because we share what we have. With some of the funds we have received, we are excited to share care packages of seeds and potting soil to empower (or provide resources to) families to grow some of their food and medicine at home.”

I Hagan Famalao’åon Guåhan offers special thanks and gratitude to the indigenous Pawanka fund for providing the grant funding for this three-phased project allowing us the means to reach women and families who are most vulnerable at this time with limited resources to provide for their needs.