Chan-Hom Update (#8)


Updated forecast track takes Chan-Hom to pass over north of Guam.

Guam – Another update on Tropical Storm Chan-Hom (09W) was released by the National Weather Service on 8PM (CHST).


Not much of the forecast was changed except for the track of Chan-Hom taking a bit more to the south—passing over the northern tip of Guambut NWS continues to indicate that the forecast track has much room to change.


Previous advisory said the storm was moving at about 18 mph, but the latest one says Chan-Hom increased in speed so now it is moving at about 23 mph; however this actions seems rather temporary as NWS also comments, “Chan-Hom is expected to continue westward through Friday with a decrease in forward speed Friday morning.”


The Weather Forecast continues to expect Chan-Hom to become a typhoon by Friday morning and to pass the Marianas by Saturday.