Changes are afoot at Pay-Less Micronesia Mall location


Earlier this month, Pay-Less Supermarket’s at the Micronesia Mall announced its temporary closure for renovations to make room for new outdoor and in-store additions, product expansion, and customer convenience.

According to Pay-Less Supermarket Chief People Officer Louise Borja, the $4.5 million renovations will be used to build an exciting food shopping destination. “We set the bar really high,” she said. “So, it was time to renovate the Micronesia Mall location. After 28 years, it really does need an overhaul.”

According to Borja, total footage of the Pay-Less in the Micronesia Mall is over 40,000 square feet, “so it’s going to be a major renovation.”

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Changes to the store

Underway at the Pay-Less Micronesia Mall location is the redirection of the main entrance to allow for easier parking access for customers. The new entrance will be adjacent to the multi-level parking structure facing Fatima Road.

Keeping with the theme of accessibility, and being mindful of current social distancing protocol, customers hesitant to shop in-person will have the option to shop online and utilize the curbside pick-up service. Additionally, 4 self-checkout stands will be set up for in-store customers, which would not require cashier assistance.

Further in-store additions include a 330 ft floral kiosk, a walk-in beer cave, and an interactive Chagi station, where vendors could use to offer samples for various products. They will also have a new marketplace comprised of 4 local food and beverage tenants.

Supporting local businesses

Borja said it is important to Pay-Less to uplift local businesses as the supermarket chain continues to grow. “Pay-Less itself is a locally owned company,” she explained. “We understand what it’s like for small businesses, local business, that are just starting. . . . We just want to offer them that opportunity to grow too.”

A completion date is pending, but Borja hopes for September or October of this year.