Charter school in flux as Won Pat asks governor for help

Guahan Academy Charter School administrator and chief academic officer Judi Won Pat. (PNC file photo)

The Guahan Academy Charter School continues to be in flux and a state of uncertainty as funding problems persist and leadership positions are vacated.

Guahan Academy Charter School administrator Judi Won Pat confirmed during the Patti Arroyo show in K-57 that Amanda Blas has resigned as chairwoman of the Guam Academy Charter Schools Council.

“Yes, she did resign. And today at 5 p.m., she wants to meet with the leadership of the charter school to discuss the transition,” Won Pat said.

She added that the charter schools council has long asked for a permanent administrator with an administrative staff. Currently, members of the council are unpaid.

Won Pat said Vice Speaker Telena Nelson, the chair of the Legislature’s education committee, has sent a letter to the governor asking her to appoint people to the council.

Won Pat is also asking for the permanent appointment of an executive director for the council to ensure stability in leadership.

“I hope the administration understands the urgency, especially if Bill 106 is going through,” Won Pat said.

Bill 106 seeks to separate the budget and operations between the Guam Department of Education and the island’s charter schools.

During the public hearing held on the bill last week, both Won Pat and Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez expressed support for the bill.