Chef’s Table promises to delight island foodies

Chef Anthony "TJ" Pangelinan will showcase everything that he's been learning at Hyatt through their management training program.

Foodies on island are in for a real treat as Hyatt Regency Guam invites guests to join them in Al Dente for this month’s Chef’s Table.

The event is slated for this week at the Hyatt Regency Guam Hotel.

Guests are invited to join an experience like no other that includes an off-course menu.

Chef’s Table is an opportunity for mentee, Chef Anthony “TJ” Pangelinan, to showcase everything that he’s been learning at Hyatt through their management training program under the guidance of his mentor, Executive Sous Chef Kenny Homma.

“The past five years that I’ve been working here at Hyatt, we’re creating a menu that we put together from the past five years. I’ve been working here through Al Dente, Cafe Kitchen, Niji as well, and also Breezes where I’m at now. So I’m definitely putting a little kind of twist in the food that we’re preparing,” Pangelinan said.

The main course includes a Certified Angus Beef Smoked Short Rib and a decadent cured salmon. Chef TJ says that this dish is inspired by his childhood growing up on Guam, and has some familiar local flavors to it.

“I like smoking meat. I grew up with a lot of barbecues… local barbeque and everything like that. But I also like going into the American style with the smoked meats. So smoked short rib is something that I learned when I was younger from my dad as well. He also liked cooking local but he also liked smoking meat a lot of meat. We started doing short ribs as a kid and this is something that I’m very passionate about and using a local tangan-tangan wood to smoke it definitely has a very homey feel when you eat it and try it out,” he said.

Chef TJ is a chef de partie from Breezes restaurant at Hyatt and graduated with a culinary arts degree from Aguste Escoffer in Boulder, Colorado. He says that his passion for cooking stemmed from watching his grandmother cook. Learning from his grandmother on how to take something as simple as spam and making it into spam goulash is what inspired him to become a cook. He adds that working in a restaurant and making his customers happy drives his passion.

“Everybody feels good emotionally when they eat a really good meal and I like that feeling of serving people. So that’s what inspires me as a chef,” he said.

Chef’s Table is not your typical dining experience as it aims to showcase the culinary journey over the years between the mentor and mentee.