Chemical Castration Bill Passes


Chemical Castration Passes


Hagåtña, Guam – The Guam Legislature passed Bill 99-33 (COR), the “Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders Act” this morning.  Bill 99 requires the Department of Corrections to establish a hormone or anti-androgen pilot treatment program for persons convicted of sex crimes and who are eligible for parole or post-prison supervision.


“Thank you to my seven colleagues for passing this measure. With the support of Governor Calvo, Guam will join seven other jurisdictions in the nation and will be the only territory in adopting chemical castration for sex offenders and pedophiles,” stated Senator McCreadie.


Senator McCreadie further stated, “Today is a great day for our community. We passed a bill to prevent the re-victimization our women and children. The legislature has spoken – their message was loud and clear to eliminate these offenses and re-offenses.”


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