Chickenpox outbreak at Maria Ulloa Elementary School


Guam – A chickenpox outbreak has been reported at Maria Ulloa Elementary School and public health is warning parents about the epidemic.

According to Department of Public Health Social Services, the elementary school has seen seven cases of chickenpox over the last month. The CDC defines an outbreak as five more cases of chickenpox within a two month period.

Because of how easily chickenpox can spread, Public Health says it is working with the Guam Department of Education to assess the status of student immunizations. Through this assessment, authorities hope to identify students who have not been properly vaccinated or those who may be susceptible to chickenpox.

Letters have been sent out to parents of Maria Ulloa students to inform them of the outbreak and the next steps they can take if their child has not received proper vaccinations. Public Health says that Guam law may require students to get vaccinated during an epidemic or outbreak.

Chickenpox or the varicella virus is a highly contagious disease caused by the varicella zoster virus and results in a skin rash or small itchy blisters.