Chief Ishizaki Running Out of Time to be Confirmed


Guam – Acting GPD police chief Frank Ishizaki has not been confirmed by the legislature. Guam law requires that he be confirmed within 90 days of his appointment or else the appointment is no longer valid. That 90 days will be up by September 22nd and his confirmation hearing which was scheduled for tomorrow (Friday 9/10/10) has been canceled.

The current hold-up is due to a polygraph exam or to be more specific the lack thereof. Guam law requires that the chief of police have among other things a psychological evaluation as well as a polygraph exam. There are no licensed polygraphers on island and it would cost too much to bring one in. The cheapest way is to send the chief off-island to Hawaii. “I’ve asked the senator to pay for my travel to Honolulu. I certainly don’t want to spend any money that we don’t have especially when I’m not paying certain bills and were behind on overtime I don’t think it’s right for me to spend any money for me to travel.”

He says the only travel he’s done as chief of police was for conferences that were federally funded. He says that he’s tried to get a hold of Senator Palacios numerous times over the past week to find out if they can fund his trip and polygraph. “I don’t know. I thought that we were good friends of many many years and of late I sense that something’s happened and I think we should talk but we have not been able to talk.” Palacios says they are still good friends and this is actually the reason why he hasn’t spoken to Ishizaki.

“Frank Ishizaki is not just a professional friend but he’s a personal friend he’s more than just an acquaintance and so I consciously try and not talk to him or with him regarding the confirmation,” explained Palacios adding that “Everybody here knows that I’m close to Frank Ishizaki he’s my good friend and I don’t want to jeopardize his confirmation and that’s the bottom line.” So what happens from here? Essentially the legislature can’t confirm Ishizaki until he gets a polygraph exam and Ishizaki won’t get a polygraph exam until the legislature pays to send him to Hawaii to do it. Palacios says the legislature will actually pay for the cost of the exam itself the problem is the cost of the trip.

“If need be then its a matter of negotiating whose gonna pay for this I can probably come half way or so forth maybe we can send him there and then maybe you take up the per diem or whatever. I wanna resolve this,” he explained. There’s also the issue of a drug test. Ishizaki says he’ll take a drug test anytime but it’s supposed to be called for by DOA once a GG1 is cut. However, no GG1 has been cut because Ishizaki isn’t getting paid for his role as chief. He does get one check however but that’s for his role as the head of homeland security.