Chief Justice gives State of the Judiciary

Chief Justice Robert Torres gives the address of the Judiciary on May 1 at the Guam Congress Building in Hagatna. Photo from Guam Legislature's YouTube page

Chief Justice Robert Torres delivered the State of the Judiciary on May 1 at the Guam Congress Building in Hagatna. 

The State highlighted several modernization efforts and increased access to services.

The Courts will leverage more on technology by expanding and implementing e filing, e probation systems, among other things.

These systems will enable the Judiciary to promote public safety and better management of clients.

Moreover, Torres said that beginning next month, the Judiciary will also expand their Electronic Monitoring program which will reduce recidivism and community risks.

With it, the Judiciary can monitor non-violent offenders post conviction to ensure they follow their conditions of release and therefore provide a cost effective alternative to incarceration.

“Perhaps, more importantly, it allows individuals convicted of these non violent offenses to continue contributing to their families whilst serving their sentence,” said Torres. “Increasing the livelihood of re-entry into society and away from the criminal justice system. These accomplishments exemplify all that is good within our judicial system. They reinforce that there can be rehabilitation instead of just a revolving door. That resources are effectively spent on treatment rather than on mere retribution; and that our courts system, with the help of you, can help people regain their lives and their families.”