Chilis Donates Proceeds to UOG Capital Campaign


Guam –  Chili’s-Guam Operating Owner Brian Artero presented a check for over a thousand dollars to University of Guam President Robert Underwood and UOG Endowment Foundation Executive Director Mark Mendiola on Monday, October 15, at the restaurant location in Tamuning.

Chili’s Grill and Bar was UOG’s Triton Business Partner for the month of August, where 20% of proceeds from their “Local Menu” sales were pledged to support University of Guam’s 60th Anniversary Capital Campaign.


[L-R: Mark Mendiola, Brian Artero, President Robert Underwood, and Trina LT Calvo (Chili’s Marketing and People Works Manager)]

“The buy local / support local endeavor is alive and thriving in our community,” Mr. Artero said. “There is a sense of coming together to improve our island from a different standpoint, and an equally important standpoint, and that is for ourselves and for the future generations who live and hope to prosper on Guam.”

“We’re grateful for Chili’s willingness to partner with us and support UOG’s capital campaign,” said Mr. Mendiola. “Partnerships with local businesses like Chili’s provide an opportunity for people to enjoy a great dining experience while contributing to a good cause.”

Restaurant patrons enjoyed Chili’s local menu items such as chopped steak, short ribs, beef salpicao, and pork belly. Guests did not need to bring in a coupon, and they did not need to mention UOG or UOG’s 60th Anniversary. Everyone who dined at Chili’s and ordered from the “Local Menu” in August had automatically supported UOG’s capital campaign to build a 21st-century campus.

“UOG is building the future contributors of our island,” said Mr. Artero. “With that we are happy to stand with UOG and support those efforts. We hope many others follow.”