China Market Expert: Guam Can Expect Economic Boost


Two big game changers established recently could bring more Chinese visitors to the island.

Meet Johnny Lee, Hilton’s China Market Sales Manager, who’s had years of experience dealing with Chinese tourists and gets affected directly with any change in the market. He believes the two big game changers – the direct flight from mainland China and the 10 year visa extension – make the traveling process easier for the Chinese.

Lee says, “4.5 hours flight especially with the new direct flight is really convenient to come to Guam now. So with the regular direct flight from Shanghai to Guam there is definitely an increase and I’m already seeing a pick up from the hotel now. For a ten year waiver, you don’t have to go through this hassle of constant renewing every single year. That really puts off a lot of the Chinese to come out the U.S. because it takes two weeks, takes an interview.”

Although he thinks there will be a growing number of Chinese visitors, he makes this suggestion.
“I think there’s more opportunities for more optional tours in Guam as well as additional brands that investors from overseas can bring in. We’re lacking in a lot of activities that tourists can do that I’ve seen in other islands that have not been adapted here in Guam,” Lee states.
Lee says there are investors already interested in Guam seeking additional business opportunities such as starting up tour companies. He says many are also interested in buying property on island.
He says, “Being the closest point to ocean, fresh air, and great shopping, I think Guam has a really great opportunity here to see a future economical growth.”