Sea Trials Underway in the Yellow Sea for Chinese Aircraft Carrier “VARYANG”


Guam – As Congress puts buildup funding on ice, China has put it’s new air-craft carrier out to see again.

The Chinese carrier  “Varyang” is on its second round of sea-trials. It is China’s only aircraft carrier. It was purchased from the old Soviet Union and has been re-furbished.

The Colorado based “Digital Globe Inc.” this week posted images of the Varyang on its website showing the Varyang  in the Yellow Sea, which lies between the Chinese coast and the Korean Peninsula.

According to the Digital Globe website, the picture’s were taken on December 8th.

SEE the pictures on Digital Globe’s website

China announced earlier this month that the carrier had started its second sea trial after undergoing refurbishment and testing. The ship underwent five days of trials in August.

On December 7th, Chinese President Hu Jintao urged the Chinese navy to “accelerate its transformation and modernization” and “make extended preparations for military combat” to safeguard national security.

Chinese ongoing efforts to strengthen and expand the reach of its navy comes as tensions grow in the South China Sea where Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines are all vying with China for what are believed to be oil and gas rich resources around the Spratly islands.