VIDEO: Christmas Comes to Micronesia; Operation Christmas Drop Underway


Guam – After months of planning and preparation the Air Force flew its first Missions for the 58th Annual Operation Christmas Drop over Micronesia on Monday.

Each year the Guam community donates food, fishing supplies and tools to be dropped over the Outer Islands providing for some of the islander’s many needs throughout the year.

TADEO Acting Associate Director Bruce Best has been helping the Air Force plan the Operation for the last 10 years by Communicating with the Islanders via short wave radio.
“A few times I’ve been out there on the ground as the c130’s come over,” Best explained during the Push Ceremony at Andersen Air Force Base which kicked off the event on Monday.

“When you hear the C130 in the distance you know it is Christmas in Micronesia” Best continued.

The Tokyo Rotary Club helped make this year’s Drop possible by raising funds for the parachutes that were attached to the boxes.  The Guam Rotary Clubs purchased First Aid Supplies that were also placed in this years boxes.  Rotarians from the clubs were invited to board the Santa 01 for the First OCD Mission which dropped Christmas cheer over the island of Falalop.

The Cargo Plane returned to Andersen Air Force Base with three boxes still on board because of a problem with the parachutes, one was torn away by the weight of its box and another never opened.  No one was hurt in two drops that were made over Falalop and most of the items landed in good condition.

Another Cargo plane flew over five islands on Monday and successfuly dropped their boxes, there was no trouble with any of Tuesday’s Drops.

Operation Christmas Drop Missions will continue throughout the week bringing a total of 21,500 pounds of supplies to the islands, something the Airmen are proud to be a part of.