Chuck -E-Cheese’s To Open Doors On the 15th


Guam – Chuck-E-Cheese’s is opening it’s doors soon to island residents.

Thursday the famous food chain gave the media a tour of it’s new restaurant and game facility in the Guam Premiere Outlet in Tamuning. Chuck -E- Cheese started in California in 1978 and now there are 547 Chuck -E- Cheeses worldwide. The local company responsible for bringing the stateside chain to Guam is the locally owned Global Food Services. One of the local features of the Guam store is Chamorro pizza featuring slices of Chamorro sausage.

The guam branch will be operated by Nikki Blas. “If your under 18 and your not accompanied by a guardian or an adult you will not be allowed to enter the facility we have a kid check at the door there’s a little saying we have everyone who comes together leaves together,” explained Blas about their policy. Chuck -E- Cheese won’t officially open it’s doors until November 15th, but Blas says they’ve already been overwhelmed with phone calls for reservations.