Chuuk leaders will visit Guam to discuss Compact issues, spate of violence

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, 2nd from right, meets with regional leaders during the Micronesia Islands Forum.

Chuuk leaders are coming to Guam to discuss Compact issues and the recent spate of violence in the community.

According to Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero, who just arrived from the Micronesian Island Forum in Chuuk, high-ranking Chuuk government leaders including the Governor, the Speaker, and President of the Senate will visit Guam to specifically tackle these matters.

In an interview with Patti Arroyo on NewsTalk K57, the governor said she held “side meetings” with Chuukese leaders and talked about Guam-specific issues.

According to the governor, the Chuukese leaders were very aware and concerned about what’s happening on Guam and they agreed to visit to tackle the issues head-on.

The governor said her office is now working out the details of the visit including the final date, schedule, and itinerary for the visit.

During the Micronesian Island Forum, the governor said she also pitched Guam’s efforts to develop a cruise ship industry and how this would be a perfect fit to promote regional tourism in general.

The governor also addressed the environmental issues in the region, the planned aquaculture industry on Guam that could help increase food security in the region, and issues involving FSM citizens living in Guam.

“I look forward to working with President Panuelo very closely. We have a lot of FSM residents in Guam which we welcome wholeheartedly. They are productive members of our community and I look forward to working with the leaders on how we can provide opportunities to address migration challenges,” the governor said.

The governor also said that Guam stood out during the Micronesian Island Forum because it was the only one that still didn’t have self-determination and the forum was a good opportunity to bring this to the attention of the federal officials attending the event.