CIS conference tackles sustainable development goals

Kirsten Brosbol (PNC photo)

On the third day of the University of Guam’s CIS conference, Kirsten Brosbol, CEO & Founder of 2030 & Beyond, talked about the success of Samso Island in Denmark and how communities can come together, using sustainable development goals.

Her group is a non-profit do-tank that supports parliaments and people to accelerate action for sustainable development goals, or SDGs.

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“To my experience, sustainable development goals have the strength of becoming a new language that is spoken all over the world about sustainability. I believe it gives us a brilliant framework to start this conversation on how it takes something that is big and so global as the 17 sustainable development goals that they adopted in the UN and take that and how they can actually use that framework for local action,” Brosbol said.

In order for a rapid transition to happen within a short period of time, Brosbol said community involvement must take place.

“We need both top-down policy regulation from governments, we need political leadership and community leadership and then we need local pioneership and this bottom-up effort which makes our local communities deliver what it takes for concrete actions and behavioral changes that are needed have to come from the bottom up,” Brosbol said.

One of her group’s main programs is a global network of Parliamentarians for the Global Goals or PfGG.

They invite parliamentarians from all over the world and all levels of government to join their network to share their ideas and best practices around how to implement the SDGs in parliamentary work.