Civil Defense Tsunami After Action Report to Be Released Soon


Guam – Guam Homeland Security and Office of Civil Defense is circulating its draft report on how the island responded to the tsunami warning we experienced last month in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Civil Defense Spokesperson Alyssa Benito says the report is not yet ready for release. But in terms of Guam’s response to the tsunami threat, among the points it will highlight are:

* Civil Defense was able to strengthen its partnership with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, as well as other federal and local agencies.

* Civil Defense now has high-resolution tsunami flood maps that enable them to pinpoint which areas would need to be evacuated, which will make it easier to set up evacuation routes as well as making the roads a lot more accessible.

Outstanding Issues:

* Plans for evacuation and transportation of those with special needs has not been finalized and still needs to be worked

* The Siren System is also another major concern. Civil Defense is working with the Department of Public Works and other stakeholders to get the sirens in place and working by this fall.

* But Civil Defense says they want the public to know that Sirens are not a solution. Sirens would be only one of many alerts that would play a role in an future tsunami event.