Clarity Needed For Both The Interim and New JFK Campus


Guam – The Department of Public Works  Director Andy Leon Guerrero says he will meet with Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks 3PM Wednesday afternoon.

This meeting will be used to clarify some of Brooks’ questions pertaining to the International Bridge Corporation’s maintenance and cost analysis. According to Leon Guerrero, Brooks is seeking clarity on the maintenance contract

Leon Guerrero says, “The concerns she has is the dollar figure but we are being pro active here. We want to make sure we don’t repeat another Southern High School. When Southern High School was built it was a brand new school and in great shape. Now look at it today, that’s because maintenance  wise it was neglected and we don’t want to repeat that again.”

Leon Guerrero hopes this doesn’t cause a delay with the ground breaking of the new JFK  campus. He feels confident with the maintenance and cost analysis he submitted to the OPA. He thinks once DPW clarifies everything, Brooks will in their favor of the maintenance contract. He thinks it could take a day or two to iron everything out.  

Meanwhile, the first day of school started at the interim JFK campus in Tiyan and a contract hasn’t been signed. According to DOE Deputy Superintendent of Finance, Taling Taitano, There’s a draft contract being circulating, which include cost proposals, but Core Tech International has some concerns with it.”
Tiatano also says, ” They will consider using ARRA money to purchase equipment for the school, She says this will keep the cost down. They are also trying to ensure that what ever they buy, they will be able to bring it to the new JFK campus.