UOG “CLASS” Research Conference Displays Student Research


Guam – Part of the charter day festivities included the college of liberal arts and social sciences 32nd annual class research conference.



 The conference took place throughout the humanities and social science building with several different classes holding several different presentations on some of the research their students have been conducting. Dr. Mike Ellard’s class on sensations and perceptions is one example. “Students are learning about how we process visual stimuli auditory stimuli tastes smells the basic sensations so one of the things they’ve been working on all semester is to develop a demonstration to illustrate a different phenomena,” explained Dr. Ellard.

 UOG student Lor Johnson explained what they were doing saying, “So we touch on different subjects regarding our senses and what we’re trying to reproduce here is to have a wow effect on the audience.” There were over 50 presentations by undergraduate and graduate students. The conference touches on numerous themes including education, literature, as well as Micronesian and Pacific island studies.