Cleaning and Repairs Continue at Simon Sanchez HS, Inspection Expected Friday


Guam – Work was ongoing at Simon Sanchez High School today after the Department of Education over the weekend extended the closure of Simon Sanchez High School through Thursday.

Superintendent Jon Fernandez says the additional time will allow the school to address many of the concerns noted in the November 16th assessment.

The campus had already been closed last Friday and regulatory agencies were expected to return to the facility today, with students in the buildings, to do a formal inspection.

After an assessment Saturday afternoon, Fernandez determined that a lot of work still needed to be done, including the removal of debris and additional cleaning. Air conditioning units are also being installed during the school’s closure.

Students are scheduled to return to the campus this friday, and a formal inspection is expected to take place at that time. The school is required to make-up the lost days. Those make-up days have not yet been scheduled, but will follow the approved calendar released last February, according to Fernandez.